Logistics and Transport

Monitoring and managing flow of vehicles, vessels and goods

Logistics and transport are the lifeblood of every economy. We are helping to keep it safe and running.

Harbors, road transport and logistic centers

Several thousands of cargo handling events daily, visitor management in the cargo area, cargo monitoring and more – everything becomes manageable through Supervisor’s intuitive interface. 

  • cargo handling monitoring – video surveillance of every step in the cargo handling process (loading, discharging, stowing, handover)
  • LPR (license plate recognition) – recognizing preregistered vehicles before entering in the perimeter
  • weigh stations with access control rules based on weighing results
  • weigh-in-motion (WIM) stations

Borders and customs

  • under wheel video surveillance of trucks during border crossing
  • security scanning and screening of vehicles in transit
  • perimeter protection

Other industries

Public Spaces

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Critical Infrastructure

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Power, Oil and Gas Industry

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Banking and Financial sector

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Airports and Traffic Hubs

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Enterprise and Corporate

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