Banking and Financial sector

Professional 24/7 surveillance of integrated security systems

Central management of different security systems from all branches and locations.

Banks and financial institutions

Protecting critical information, assets, and infrastructure through central management system is a key benefit of using Supervisor in banking and financial sector.

Supervisor is created to be a central point for everyday security operations, with existing security systems integrated and connected through one platform for easier management.


Security teams can now supervise and manage different security systems:

  • access control in the branches and business buildings for visitors, employees and contractors
  • video surveillance with advanced analytics (people count, movement and unusual behavior alarm)
  • perimeter protection (GIS map with visual overview of all systems that allows faster reaction)

Financial institutions

Financial institutions have a challenging task of protecting confidential information and financial assets on site.

Supervisor brings reliability and ease of usage to security teams in control rooms of dispersed locations.

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