Video surveillance systems

Advanced video analytics features with alerts

Multiple video surveillance systems integrated in Supervisor – one interface for monitoring several brands.

Video security as a part of a streamlined security system

Today, video surveillance is an essential part of every PSIM, often used to visually verify other types of alarms and events.

Supervisor does exactly that – when an event occurs (e.g. access control or fire detection alarm), a video surveillance preview of the exact location can be obtained momentarily to visually confirm the event. Then the operator can take action to resolve the event.

Advanced video analytics

  • people count (inside the building or within the perimeter)
    • application: shopping malls, office buildings, concerts, sports events, public gatherings, other formal and informal mass events
    • gender recognition
    • face recognition – once introduced in the base, system will recognize the visitor
  • traffic monitoring:
    • wrong direction driving alert for vehicles
    • illegal vehicle stopping 
    • illegal U-turn  
    • red light monitoring
    • traffic incident detection
    • vehicle color and type (personal car, van, truck)
  • health and safety: 
    • high body temperature alert
    • not wearing face mask alert
  • ALPRAutomatic Licence Plate Recognition with analytics 
    • connected with Access Control system, ALPR can automatize access barriers for licence plates in the base
    • ALPR analytics for commercial spaces (shopping malls, retail parks) can give an extensive overview on the visitor’s geographical structure, loyalty (frequency and pattern of visits) and behaviour (visit length)

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