Meet Tehnozavod.


Tehnozavod is a system-integration expert in security, safety and audio-video systems for business purposes. Founded in 1964, today we have more than 50 years of proven experience and 20.000+ installed systems in many industries.

Company’s slogan is “From Idea to Solution”, which is the best description of the commitment, integrity and innovation of our employees when developing end-user solutions.

Tehnozavod has been growing steadily over the last few years, using its tradition and experience as strength and motivation for new investments. Supervisor is one of them – own solution for making security and safety supervising easy.


  1. Competence

    Our employees are professionals with industry certifications and vast practical experience in real projects.

  2. Professionalism

    Every project is carried out through a structured project management process, responsibly and professionally.

  3. Reliability

    We guarantee a successful completion of every task within the given timeframe and pre-determined working conditions.

  4. Teamwork

    We continuously encourage our employees who, working in teams, achieve results whose quality goes beyond the achievements of an individual.

  5. Social Responsibility

    The company's corporate responsibility is based on ethical conduct and deep understanding of social and personal wellbeing importance.

  6. Development

    Developing ideas and designing solutions with cutting-edge technology and software tools is an ongoing process in our company.


Special attention is given to certificates that validate business processes, environmental care and high-level information protection, which has improved confidential partnerships in our most complex projects.

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