Public Spaces

Safety is a feeling that can be created and nurtured

Turning streets and squares in public living rooms of the city, always full of people

Safety and Security in Public Space

A good public space provides a range of things to do, is easy to get to and connected to the surrounding community, is safe, clean, and attractive and, perhaps, most important, is a place to meet other people. Therefore, municipality officials have the task to ensure all the above. 

With Supervisor, we are covering safety and security part, which is (in)directly a precondition for everything else: socializing, easy access, and activities on site.

Supervising Public Areas

Video surveillance of significant cultural locations and objects, protected objects, sqares, streets and parks

Traffic management

Establishing order in city’s traffic system is a first step in creating a safe and secure environment. Integrated video surveillance system with local public ticketing system can drastically decrease number of offenses like: 

  • wrong direction driving for vehicles
  • illegal vehicle stopping 
  • illegal U-turn  
  • red light crossing
  • illegally parked and stopped vehicles

Incident detection

During large social events like fairs and festivities, large number of people is gathered so there is an increased risk of incidents. Advanced video surveillance solutions can alarm the security officers immediately when an incident occurs, so the reaction can be almost momentarily.

Other industries

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