Airports and Traffic Hubs

Easy overview of large traffic and passengers’ areas

Advanced video surveillance with alarms, analytics and zoning

Airports, train and bus stations

Traffic hubs are characterized with large, protected traffic areas combined with crowded general passengers’ zones. In air traffic they are divided in zones, with border crossings and customs points. 

Monitoring all zones of a complex traffic hub through one system is operational advantage and cost saving solution.

Specific alarms

  • suspicious behavior (running, unattended luggage, loitering)
  • drone detection
  • perimeter breach (person or animal in the traffic area, vessel or flying object approaching, vehicles in a restricted area) 
  • radar detection (zoning with rules)

Other industries

Logistics and Transport

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Power, Oil and Gas Industry

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Banking and Financial sector

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Enterprise and Corporate

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Critical Infrastructure

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Public Spaces

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